The Montessori Nursery Kindergarten station “The children’s home”


My childern are lucky because before they go to primary school they have the chance to be educated in a school with so many activities and a familiar environment like ‘’Children’s home’’.”

Dimitris SMoustopoulos Dr.Cheirourgos – Ophthalmologist

“I’m sure”The house of children” leaves children who leave with the best memories of preschool age..

Anastasia Grapsa English Teacher

I’m sure that there isn’t another kindergarten station like Montessori ‘’Children’s home’’ in Melissia! Educators polite and willing.
The Director flawless, talented teacher, with love and enthusiasm for work. Congratulations and strength for the flawless Montessori system they have.

Liana Bakler - Private Employee

I feel that I am very lucky that my child is trained in the “children’s home”. I trust its people like myself in every step. Too bad there is no Elementary & Middle School.

Harris Leka – Reporter

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Maria & Demosthenes Spiliotopoulos


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