The Montessori school founded by Teny and Chris Spiliotopoulos in 1978 and continues its operation by Maria and Dimosthenis Spiliotopoulos with love and respect to the personality and needs of a child according to the principles of Maria Montessori, one of the most pioneer and brilliant thinkers of the last two centuries.

Our school is like a house with friendly environment where kids are masters of themselves. In the house they will find the appropriate activities for their mind and spirit.

The teachers will be next to every child with love, patience and faith as their first task is to recognize every different personality and respect it.

We are leaders in the theatrical game for 15 years, as we believe that through it children feel free, getting knowledge from their bodies and express themselves in various ways.

The result of the Montessori educational system is that children are encouraged to develop self-confidence, patience, concentration, courage and especially critical thinking.